injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

Denied Social Security? What To Do Next

by Lawrence Miller

Once work becomes impossible, you may need to resign. The medical or mental health condition causing you so many problems working may finally become too much to deal with. If this sounds like you, be sure you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as soon as possible. It can take time to hear back from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and many claimants are turned down for benefits. It's vital to act quickly once you are turned down, so read on.

Begin Working on Your Appeal Case

Don't spend any time feeling bad about the denial. Many people that apply for SSDI are turned down. The reasons for the denial can vary but they are often based on difficult SSA concepts and rules covering disabilities. The first thing you should do after receiving the denial notice in the mail is to fill out the paperwork requesting an appeal hearing.

Understand the Denial Reasons

It can be hard for many claimants to understand why they were denied. After all, they know they are unable to work and that they have a medical or mental health condition. However, the SSA may not realize the scope of your medical condition because your application was not detailed enough. You might not have included all your medical conditions, even though the SSA allows you to add as many as you have. There are too many issues that could have gone wrong with your application to mention, but those reasons should be the focus of your preparations for the appeal hearing.

Speak to a Lawyer

Social Security lawyers understand how the SSA works. They can discuss the problem with your application with a look at your denial letter. Social Security applicants are denied for similar reasons all the time. Your lawyer can review the issue and make plans to attack it at the appeal hearing. If you need another medical exam, your lawyer will arrange it. If you need your medical records, your lawyer will obtain them. Whatever the reason for the denial, your Social Security lawyer will work to overcome it and plead your case before the law judge at the appeal hearing.

Don't try to attend the hearing without legal help. You don't have to pay your Social Security lawyer unless you win your claim, so you have nothing to lose. You are far more likely to be successful with a lawyer by your side so speak to a Social Security lawyer today. 

Contact a local Social Security Disability lawyer for more information.  


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injured by a malfunctioning saw

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