injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

What To Do When The At-Fault Driver Lies About Your Car Accident

by Lawrence Miller

When you are involved in a car accident, you will need to be as honest as possible about everything that occurred. This doesn't mean that you should admit fault, and there are some pieces of information that you should keep secret until you have spoken to a lawyer. However, you must never make statements that are knowingly false. Unfortunately, the at-fault driver might not follow this rule and may make false claims about the accident. If this is the case, you'll be able to take the lies on with a car accident lawyer.

Why the Driver Might Lie

A driver is likely to lie about the accident if they do not want to be found at fault and do not understand the consequences of lying. Some drivers are simply embarrassed and others think that they can avoid being forced to pay for your damages.

When the driver lies about the accident, the auto insurance provider might then use this fact to deny your claim. The insurance provider wants to deny your claim anyway and will be happy to hold you responsible unless you can make a compelling case for why the other driver was responsible and back this up with evidence.

Common Claims Made by At-Fault Drivers

A driver will likely deny that they were performing a particular action that lead to the accident. For example, while you may have seen the driver on their cell phone, they might deny that they were texting while driving. They might also claim that they weren't speeding.

Because the driver might not be truthful, you will need to work with a car accident lawyer who will investigate how the accident occurred and will come up with evidence to support your version of the events. Then, you will be able to use the evidence regardless of whether you settle out of court or go to trial.

The Penalty of Perjury

If your case goes to court and the driver is called upon to testify under oath, they will be required by law to tell the truth under the penalty of perjury and will face criminal penalties if they are found to be lying. This can lead to jail time and a fine.

For this reason, filing a lawsuit can be an effective strategy. In many cases, the insurance provider or their policyholder might suddenly become eager to settle if they are afraid of the case going to trial.


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injured by a malfunctioning saw

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