injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

Protecting Yourself After A Truck Accident: The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer

by Lawrence Miller

Did you know more than 10 people in the United States lose their lives in truck accidents each day? If you have been in one of these serious accidents, you may have sustained multiple severe injuries and have spent several weeks or even months in the hospital receiving treatment. If you are starting to heal from the injuries, you may now want to focus on getting legal help. Consulting with a truck accident lawyer is an important step to take before you even decide to contact the insurance company or file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Finding Out Who Was at Fault: Proving Your Innocence

The truck accident lawyer you hire may spend hours sifting through evidence to help you prove your innocence while creating a case against the person who was behind the wheel of the vehicle that crashed into you. The other driver may have been at fault, but there is a possibility they are claiming you were at fault. There are several steps the lawyer may need to take to figure out what happened in the few minutes leading up to the crash. Some of those steps may include:

  • Reviewing any surveillance footage available from the scene, including footage from cameras that are outside of local stores and gas stations.
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts who try to put the pieces together based on the evidence they are given.
  • Checking for skid marks on the road where the accident took place. The skid marks are often used as evidence for the reconstruction experts who are trying to recreate the scene to figure out who was in the wrong.
  • Reviewing the event data recorder in your vehicle to determine the exact speed at which you were driving directly before the crash occurred. Some older vehicles may not have the event data recorder, but many makes and models now have them.
  • Collecting statements from any witnesses who happened to see the whole thing take place. Witnesses may include local store owners, pedestrians and people who were driving down the same road in their vehicles at the time of the accident.

Taking these steps will help the lawyer prove your innocence and the other person's negligence at the same time. While it may take time and effort to gather all of this information, it is needed for the sake of the case. When a truck accident lawyer goes beyond to figure out what really happened and to prove you did not cause the accident, you may have a greater chance of receiving a larger settlement based on the pain and suffering you have endured.

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injured by a malfunctioning saw

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