injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

Four People You Need To Talk To Before You Submit Your Workers' Comp Claim

by Lawrence Miller

Filing workers' compensation papers might seem easy when you start the process. You'll fill out some paperwork and wait to receive your money, right? That is what you may think, but if you don't take the right right actions, you may find that your claim is denied. There are four people who can help increases your chances of success; here's a list of the people you'll want to talk to before submitting your claim.

Department of Labor Employee

Depending on your injuries, it might take you a long time to recover from what happened. You might be feeling reluctant to take on any new stressors until you are feeling better. Unfortunately, time limits in your state may require that you get the process done more quickly than you thought.

Therefore, contacting your state's Department of Labor and talking to a representative there is important. They can help you to be aware of any deadlines to meet.

Human Resources Representative

If you are like many employees, you might not know where your employee handbook is. In order to make sure you're following company policies when filling out your workers' comp claim, you'll need a copy of it. Some companies have their own internal deadlines for reporting injuries and have other specific steps you need to follow.

You might want to rely on information from your coworkers, or even your immediate supervisors, but they may inadvertently pass on incorrect information. Head to your company's Human Resources department and they should be able to print out or show you the relevant information.

Your Doctor

The company you work for may want you to spend time with a doctor approved by their insurance company. However, this does not mean that you are no longer able to continue seeing the physician you see normally.

In fact, your own doctor can help you ensure that any medical paperwork required along with the claim is as accurate and complete as possible. That way, you can avoid delays in the claims process.

Your Nosy Neighbor

When your workers' comp claim has been filed, your company's insurance company might send out investigators to find out as much as they can about you and whether you are being honest about your injuries. These investigators may very well speak to neighbors on the street about your recent activities.

To curb untruthful neighborhood gossip and to give them a heads up, you might want to have a short chat with the one neighbor who always seems to know everything about everyone on the street. Tell them what's going on and encourage them to be honest with anyone who may ask questions about you.

After talking with the people in this article, you should be able to submit your workers' comp claim and feel positive about the chances that it will be successful. Continue to talk with your attorney at every step in the process so that you can ensure you've done everything necessary.

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injured by a malfunctioning saw

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