injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

The Poisonous And Injurious Curse Of Wolfsbane

by Lawrence Miller

Wolfsbane (Aconitum napellus) is a plant known for its incredibly beautiful purple flowers. Homeowners might find the flowers so attractive that they choose to grow the plant on their property. Allowing wolfsbane to spread throughout a garden, however, comes with great risk. According to myth, anyone who is scratched by wolfsbane could be turned into a werewolf. According to science, wolfsbane could cause a number of adverse health reactions. Property owners have to be very careful when allowing the plant to grow on their premises.

Wolfsbane and the Homeowner's Responsibilities

Wolfsbane's thorns are poisonous. So, it is safe to categorize wolfsbane as a dangerous plant. A homeowner should reasonably know about any dangers associated with all the plants growing on his/her property. If a decision is made to grow dangerous plants, the homeowner should institute safety precautions.

If a property owner chooses to grow wolfsbane or other dangerous plants in his/her garden, then the owner must accept certain legal responsibilities. Claiming to not know of the dangers associated with plants growing on the property would hardly be a sufficient defense against any injury claims.

With harmful flowers, the homeowner should use barrier fencing to prevent easy access and post warning signs about the hazards inherent with coming into contact with them. Failure to take such additional steps might be considered negligent.

Civil Liabilities, Wolfsbane, and the Curse of the Afflicted

If you have been scratched and severely poisoned by the plant due to the negligence of a homeowner, then discussing the particulars of the case with a personal injury attorney is advised. The homeowner could be held liable for other monetary expenditures including the fees associated with any necessary medical treatment, pain and suffering, and even loss of work on nights of the full moon or otherwise.

Wolfsbane and the Life-Threatening Dangers of the Plant

While beautiful after blooming, wolfsbane is extremely dangerous and being scratched by the poisonous flower is potentially fatal to humans. Third parties whose family members were died after an adverse reaction to the poison might even have a credible wrongful death lawsuit since the homeowner's negligence directly contributed (in part) to the poisoning. After all, had the homeowner not planted wolfsbane on his/her property, no one would be at risk to its poisonous thorns.

Ultimately, if you or a family member has suffered significant harm by this or any other type of on someone else's property, discussing the merits of a civil suit with a personal injury attorney advised. For more information, contact Edward J. Achrem & Associates, Ltd. or a similar firm.


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injured by a malfunctioning saw

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